Candida Cleanse

The natural Candida cleanse

The best way to get rid of yeast infections is to do a Candida cleanse and eat healthy foods. Cleanse is a process to get rid of those annoying troublemakers from the body called Candida albicans. The fact is you cannot get rid of Candida albicans totally, because they are present all over in our environment.  Candida cleanse helps people to reduce the number of Candida albicans to a point where they do not cause any problem and can be managed by the body very easily. Some of the signs that indicate that the number of Candida albicans in your system have reached to dangerous limits are: frequent oral thrush infections, frequent bouts of different yeast infections, fatigue, dizziness, heavy head, headaches, eczema, acne or any skin problem, irritability, depression, sinus problems, sore throat, digestive issues like gas troubles, and craving for sugar or chocolates. If you are suffering from more than five of these symptoms, it means you need a Candida cleanse.

 Even if you have only one symptom, but that symptom is frequent yeast infections or oral thrush problems, you should do a natural Candida cleanse. It is a whole process that cannot be completed in a few days. It takes time to eliminate Candida from your system. You should pay special attention on your diet and avoid all the foods that could help Candida to grow like: mushrooms and other fungus. Avoid all the vinegars because they can make the symptoms worse. You must avoid red meat and all the processed meats like bacons, sausages, corned beef, hot dogs, pastrami. Avoid alcoholic beverages, plain sugar and all the resources of refined sugar like chocolate bars, candies, cakes, artificial floured juices, etc. You should eliminate all white flour products from your diet. In short, you have to avoid all the starchy food, foods rich in carbohydrates, and sugary foods.

The first step of eliminating Candida involves colonic cleanse. For this purpose you can use natural cleanses like fennel, flex seeds, barberry and aloe leaf. A very simple Candida cleanser is the juice of grapefruit with water. All these help clean the glands, digestive tract and kidneys. They make bowel movements easier and reduce the chances of auto-intoxification. It helps get rid of digestive problems like constipation and hemorrhoids, etc. For at least a week, avoid all the foods that contain sugar and carbohydrates because increased sugar levels in the body and carbohydrate intake; fuels the growth of Candida. Eat fresh vegetable broths and soups. If possible always use organic vegetables. In the next week, increase your intake of natural sources of probiotics, like yogurt. The yogurt contains very essential and beneficial enzymes and microorganisms like Lactobacillus acidophilus, that are found in our body too and help fight off the Candida. From the third week you can start eating fresh fruits, but in moderate quantities. In this week too, avoid artificial flavors and refined sugar. The fact is you can reduce the risk of further infection caused by Candida albicans by cutting the refined sugar content off your diet for always.

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