Candida treatment

Millions of people worldwide have been suffering from symptoms like yeast infections, oral thrush, extreme fatigue and irritability along with frequent headaches, frequent bouts of sore throat, sinus and digestive problems, etc. All these problems are caused by a fungus called Candida albicans. In most of the cases the root cause behind the aforementioned symptoms goes undetected. If you have got yeast infection or oral thrush or some of the above symptoms, you should consider on getting a Candida treatment.

 A Candida treatment plan helps in eliminating the Candida and preventing them from coming back with all those disturbing and painful medical problems. A natural Candida treatment has two phases: first, starving out the Candida in your body and second, to kill them. This is done by following a diet plan which includes some strict ‘Do’s and Don’ts’.  First and foremost, all the foods that can support the production and growth of Candida are cut off from the daily diet. Foods rich in carbohydrates, sugar, alcoholic contents, fermented food, fungus food and nearly all kinds of starchy foods should strictly be avoided.  You must abstain from refined sugar because Candida feeds on sugar.

Foods with high portion of carbohydrates should be avoided. You cannot take more than 150 grams of carbohydrates per day. You can have those foods only that have least quantities of starch and it takes too long to convert that starch into sugar. Alcohol like sugar is also very dangerous and facilitates the Candida to grow. Fermented foods are bad for people carrying Candida in general. Specifically, people with allergies experience more severe signs of the allergies and Candida infections, when they consume fermented food. Foods related to the fungus family also aggravate the symptoms of allergies and conditions associated with overgrowth of Candida. That is why mushrooms should be avoided. Foods containing edible yeast like bakery products are also harmful. They do not contain Candida, though. They cause the same problems like the fungus and fermented foods.

During Candida treatment, the only class of food that you can eat with somewhat freedom is ‘the vegetables’. For the first two weeks you can only eat soups and broths of vegetables. After six to seven days natural probiotics are taken. The best resource of the essential probiotics is yogurt. You can eat natural, plain, unsweetened and unflavored yogurt. Yogurt contains some friendly bacteria that help get rid of Candida. You can eat a variety of vegetables like broccolis, sprouts, avocado, garlic, eggplants, onion, and turnips, etc. but grains, potatoes, beans like kidney beans, peanuts, and snow beans should be avoided. You can consume fresh fruits, but not as much as your desire. You can eat fruits with moderation after the third week of the diet plan.  If you want to get rid of Candida permanently and do not want the infections to reoccur, you should permanently stop taking any refined sugar.

It might be a shock for you, but some studies show that if after trying your best you are not losing weight; it could be because of Candida! So, following Candida treatment does not only help in eliminating the Candida, but also helps to have a healthy and fit body.

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