Home Remedies for Yeast infections

Yeast infections are caused when a naturally present, fungus Candida overgrows in our bodies. This overgrowth can be because of several reasons. Sometimes, yeast infections are caused due to hormonal changes, sometimes your immunity system gets weak and the good bacteria are unable to battle with Candida. Sometimes, you may be on medications such as antibiotics which kill the good bacteria, along with the bad one. Whatever may be the cause the overgrowth happens due to inability of the good bacteria to fight it off the bad one. The truth is that medicines and doctors can provide you with temporary relief from these infections for a short time. However, you will be pleased to hear that there are a number of home remedies for yeast infections treatment.

One of the most effective home remedies for yeast infections is using yoghurt. Yoghurt is rich in probiotics and is a natural source of lactobacillus, which is known to fight the Candida overgrowth. Yoghurt is also rich in calcium. If you include yoghurt in every meal, you are getting your supply of calcium and probiotics regularly. However, when choosing your yoghurt remember, flavored and sweetened yoghurt, hardly help. They have artificial flavors and sugars in them; sugar provides ground for yeast fermentation is of very little help in such cases. You can also apply plain yoghurt on the affected areas and then wash it off. It works like an excellent antifungal topical treatment. Another one of the home remedies for yeast infections, involve mixing a bit of orange root to yoghurt and then applying it. Apply it for fifteen-twenty minutes before taking shower, and rinse it off with slightly warm water. In case you have a vaginal yeast infection, you can apply yoghurt with your fingers into your vagina or insert a yoghurt dipped tampon.

Oils such as: cinnamon oil, coconut oil and tea tree oil are all beneficial home remedies for yeast infections. You can apply the first two directly, but dilute the last one with either of the first two and then apply. Tea tree oil is an active ingredient in many skin care products and acne products. This is because of its natural ability to fight of infections. However, if you apply it directly to the affected area it might burn.

Apple cider vinegar has been a popular choice of many world-over, when it comes to home remedies for yeast infections. You can apply it by diluting it with some water, or mix about half a cup in a warm water bath and sit in it for fifteen minutes. You can also substitute normal vinegar with apple cider vinegar when making salad dressings. It might taste slightly different in the beginning, but you will start to enjoy it soon.  If you have ever had a yeast infection, you should increase you water intake. You should include cranberries, aloe vera juice, green tea, bananas, and yoghurt smoothies in to your diet. All these foods help in preventing a yeast infection along with fighting it.

Home remedies for yeast infection

Vaginal yeast infection is a very common medical condition that is not traceable at the start, but later when it starts getting worse it causes lots of trouble, discomfort, pain and embarrassment. So, what exactly is this infection is? This infection is caused by overproduction of a fungus, called Candida albicans. It is normally not harmful and is present in our body. When the immune system of the body starts getting weaker due to any medical conditions: for instance, cancer or HIV infections; this fungus finds a way to grow in large quantities. Another reason behind this abnormal growth of Candida albincans is the shortage in the number of good bacteria that fight off bad bacteria and stop fungus from growing to an annoying level.

 When a woman gets a vaginal yeast infection she experiences thick white vaginal discharge, burning and itching on the infected skin, rashes and in more severe cases bleeding lesions, sores and blisters on the infected area, pain and discomfort during urination and sexual intercourse. This infection keeps on getting worse that is why it is advisable to get it treated before it creates further problems. There is a variety of home remedies for yeast infection that are used by women all over the world with confidence.  These home remedies are not expensive and the things used in yeast infection treatment are available easily everywhere.

Yogurt is probably the most common amongst all the home remedies for yeast infection. Including it in your daily diet reduces the chances of getting a yeast infection. You can use it as salad dressings and can just eat it without mixing it in anything. If you like flavored yogurt then it would be better and beneficial; if you try plain yoghurt rather than flavored yogurt. The other way to use yogurt to treat yeast infections is applying it directly on the infected skin. You must use plain natural yogurt without any flavorings or sugar to apply it on the skin. Take a small quantity and apply to the infected area and leave it for at least two hours. After two hours, wash the infected skin thoroughly and dry well. Candia albicans find moist and warm places the best to grow; that is why you must keep yourself clean and dry. There is one more way to use yogurt to treat yeast infection- tampon dipped in plain yogurt. You should use this method twice a day. Yogurt contains active microorganisms and good bacteria that are present in our body as well. These friendly bacteria help to get rid of this infection by keeping check on the Candida albaicans 

Other home remedies for yeast infection include the use of oils and vinegar. Tea tree oil is used like yogurt for this purpose, but it must be diluted before using. Cinnamon oil is also applied on the infected skin to get rid of yeast infection. All types of vinegar can be used as a remedy for yeast infection, but apple cider vinegar is the best. 

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