How to Cure a Yeast Infection

A yeast infection is actually more common then we know of. Most of us have fungus in our bodies, when these funguses become proactive and start to grow in numbers due to some changes in our system, we get a yeast infection. The initial symptoms can be quite scary. People do not have enough knowledge on how to cure a yeast infection. In fact, most of us cannot even identify it correctly and may mistake it for a bacterial infection or some serious disease. Women may get vaginal yeast infection, but refrain from going to a doctor or talking about it, out of embarrassment. The symptoms of a vaginal yeast infection are a cottage cheese like vaginal discharge, burning, itching, and soreness and discomfort while having sex and urinating. In most cases, the symptoms appear a week or so before the monthly menstrual period and may fade away on their own. You may not even need any specific treatment for it. You can try some very simple at home remedies. To find out how to cure a yeast infection at home read on.

As vaginal infections are caused when the good bacteria decrease in number, try consuming more yoghurt. It is rich in good bacteria. Yoghurt can be applied topically as well with either your fingers or tampon applicator. But make sure to use unsweetened, plain yoghurt for the purpose; as the sweeteners and the flavorings aid in production of yeast, it could have entirely opposite effects. Eating cranberries also helps as they are rich in antioxidants and help to flush out any unwanted germs from your system. You can also consume lactobacillus supplements, as they also promote production of good bacteria. Avoid eating sugary foods as sugar promotes yeast production.

Along with oral remedies on how to cure a yeast infection, many women vouch for the use of peeled garlic cloves used as vaginal suppository. It may sound slightly weird but using it just for a few nights, does the job. If you cannot digest the idea of inserting a garlic clove in your vagina, you can try tying it in a cheese cloth and leave an end outside, so it is easier to remove. It looks like a tampon and also takes care of the excessive garlic odor.  Another very commonly used remedy for how to cure a yeast infection is using gentian violet. This is used world over, and is easily available in pharmacies. You can either apply it with a cotton swab or dilute it in water bath and sit in it for ten to fifteen minutes. If applying it tropically, make sure to use a thick pad as it can leave nasty stains. You can also try mixing apple cider vinegar with warm water and sitting in it. Half a cup in a water bath is enough.

Stated above remedies on how to cure a yeast infection are all free from any side effects. Do not try these though if you are pregnant. If the symptoms persist consult your gynecologist who may prescribe you with antifungal ointments or tablets, depending upon your condition.

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