Male thrush

Symptoms and Treatments

Male thrush is not as well known as the female one as thrush is considered a female infection. However, men can also get thrush in their penile area as well as their mouths or armpits. Men who get this infection are quite embarrassed. The reason behind male thrush is the same as that in women. The yeast responsible for thrush is always looking for opportunities to reproduce. If any imbalance happens in your body, due to intake of antibiotics, poor immune system or similar conditions the yeast gets favorable conditions to grow and starts reproducing. This yeast Candida likes to grow in warm moist spaces, therefore men who have poor toilet hygiene or have not been circumcised are more prone to the yeast infection.

Since, this infection targets your penis are, it is quite painful. You could have trouble in urinating, as it burns. The skin gets flaky and itchy. At first the skin may get white spots, which can on a later stage become red and you may get a rash on the head of your penis. Although, male thrush is not a sexually transmitted disease, but there are possibilities of getting infected from a partner who has the condition. Condoms which contain nonoxynol-9, can also irritate the kin. Men with a history of uncontrolled diabetes are also prone to thrush. Some men may also have a white colored discharge under the foreskin of their penis.

If you see these symptoms, go to your doctor your doctor will confirm; weather you have a male thrush or it is some other problem. Once it is clear, you can bring about some very simple changes to get rid of the condition. You need to avoid a few things including intercourse, as you have a chance of transferring the infection to your partner. If not treated in time the infection can transfer to and fro between the two partners, making it more difficult to cure. Keep your penal area dry and clean; especially after using the toilet. Dry yourself thoroughly after a shower. You can even use a powder for the purpose. Avoid wearing underwear which is too tight and not absorbs the sweat. After a swim, change a wet swim suit as early as possible. Thrush symptoms can easily be taken care of, if you adjust your diet. Reduce the amount of alcohol and sugar in your diet. Sugar provides favorable environment for Candida reproduction. Eat greener, leafy vegetables, yoghurt and oatmeal. They all produce good bacteria. Applying yoghurt, honey and apple cider vinegar all help in breaking down the chain of Candida. You can also apply antifungal ointments which serve the same purpose. The ointment may burn initially, but  is a very efficient way of treating male thrush.

Usually, yeast infections grow down with time and doing the above recommended things. You don’t need to take any specific medications. However, if your condition persists and the symptoms don’t get better, your doctor will prescribe antifungal tablets. Using the remedies does the job and altering your diet and lifestyle benefits your bodies in other ways too.

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