Thrush in men

Causes of Thrush in Men

Thrush in men is just not painful, but often quite embarrassing. Reason being it hits the most inconvenient of all the body parts; your penis. Since men develop thrush at the head of, and around their penis there is a misconception that thrush in men is a sexually transmitted disease. This is not entirely correct, although it could be one reason but men can give thrush to their sexual partners too. Some men who are not sexually active can also develop the symptoms of thrush.

Thrush in men is caused by fungus called Candida. Candida lives in our bodies; it could be present in our digestive system, genital areas, under the fingernails and our gut, along with the antibodies which keep an eye on its abnormal growth. Whenever, the balance of our body’s natural ecosystem gets disrupted, Candida gets favorable ground for breeding. The imbalance could occur if someone has been on antibiotics for too long, the antibiotics may kill some of the good bacteria along with the bad ones. If one’s immune system has gotten weak due to prolonged illness. Men who have foreskin on their penis and have high sugar levels i.e. are diabetic have more chances of developing thrush. Men who have not been circumcised can develop thrush as there are layers of skin on the head of their penis, in which the bacteria can abide. These bacteria like to reproduce in warm moist places. Sugar provides fermentation ground for all sorts of yeast infections. So if you are a diabetic and not control your sugar level, you are giving an invitation to Candida. Though, it is not necessary that every man with high level of blood sugar or whoever has not been circumcised; will get thrush. Men who have poor toilet hygiene routines, or are careless about cleaning themselves after sexual intercourse have a higher chance of getting thrush. This yeast likes to grow in warm, humid spaces, so if you have a habit of lounging around in wet swim suits you are providing breeding ground for Candida. Another reason is wearing underwear which is too tight and is made of manmade materials. Such underwear cannot absorb the sweat and your genital area remains moist for a long time.

Thrush in men becomes visible with the appearance of inflammation along with red spots around the penis head. Thrush symptoms are sometimes accompanied by a cheese like white discharge, which emits yeast like smell. However, presence of this discharge is not necessary.  If your partner has thrush, it is better to not engage in sexual activity for a while till the symptoms are completely gone. Thrush can be easily treated by using antifungal creams, which you can buy yourself without a prescription. It is advisable to continue using these creams even when the symptoms are gone.

However, what you need to understand is that antifungal creams can just provide relief from the symptoms of thrush in men, but they can’t prevent them from coming back. To prevent it you need to understand what causes thrush, which has been stated above.

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