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A Bit about Thrush Treatment

Oral thrush may appear rapidly and most of the time it settles down on its own within two weeks. However, in cases where a person’s immunity system is already weak he or she may not be able to fight the imbalance in the mouth. Flush occurs when a naturally present bacteria called Candida spp, becomes active in our mouths. The antibodies in our mouths keep a check on it and usually don’t let it happen, but sometimes imbalance is caused either due to intake of some medicines, other illnesses, and deficiency of folic acid or vitamins or as a reaction of chemotherapy. Babies and toddlers can also suffer from oral thrush. Oral thrush treatment depends upon the cause of lesion.

Babies who are on their mother’s feed may transfer the disease to mothers through their breasts. In this case thrush treatment is given to mother which passes on to the baby through breast milk. Feeding equipment and oral toys are all washed with a mixture of vinegar and water and then sterilized to kill any bacteria present. No treatment is given to the babies. In case of adults; doctors first give medicines which are to be applied locally such as gels or drops. Usually a course of seven or fourteen days is followed. If the person does not feel better, then the doctors may prescribe anti flush tablets. These are to be taken for a further fourteen days. If the oral thrush is due to weakness, the doctors may prescribe folic acid supplements or multivitamins as thrush treatment and may not give any specific medication.

Along with taking thrush treatment you can cope with the symptoms quite easily if you do the following things. You should remember that staying well hydrated is the key to fighting this infection. Your mouth feels dry and cottony. If you do not increase your water intake it would make things worse; as the mouth would further get dried and this can lead to even bleeding due to soreness. You should take good care of your oral hygiene so that bacteria are not accumulated. Since the mouth and gums become sore in the condition; use a very soft tooth brush. Remember! Excessive use of antibacterial mouth washes can cause oral thrush too; as it kills the good bacteria in your mouth too at times. Switch over to an antiseptic mouth wash instead. Change your toothbrush frequently as it decreases the chances of reoccurrence. Eating yoghurt is an alternative thrush treatment method. You should eat unsweetened yoghurt it is rich in lactobacilli, and helps to restore the bacterial imbalance in your mouth. Doctors recommend eating yoghurt to patients going through chemotherapy.

While taking care of your oral health you should also gargle regularly with salt water. It fights the bacteria and helps in flushing it out. Most of the times the symptoms of oral thrush diminish within two weeks; and no specific treatment may be required. It is important to remember though that if not treated thrush can spread to other parts of the body, specially your esophagus, which makes a patient lose their appetite; and causes further weakness and complications.

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Treatment for Thrush

What is the treatment for thrush?

Oral thrush often starts suddenly, and may not bother you. In most cases it is unnoticeable. However, if the symptoms persist and your mouth gets so sore, that you have difficulty in eating and swallowing; you should immediately visit you doctor and start taking treatment for thrush. Thrush can be caused by either taking antibiotics or steroids, or in patients who have been suffering from a chronic illness for a long time. Your doctor is going to look at your medical history, and then start treatment for thrush depending upon its root cause.

Initially, doctors prescribe mouth gel such as miconazole. This is first given for seven days; if the person does not feel better the application may be continued for the next seven days. In case, a patient has allergies with the ingredients present in the gel nystatin drops are another popular choice. In case of locally applied medicines it is advisable to apply them after taking your meals. The doctor usually tells you to apply the medicine 3-4 times a day and once specially after dinner. This is done so that the medicine stays in your mouth and is not flushed out with your food or drink. In case of more severe symptoms, the doctors may prescribe anti thrush tablets such as fluconazole. This tablet is also given to the patients for seven days and this time period is usually enough to do the job. Tablets are prescribed to those patients who have a weak immune system and may not respond well to the applied medicines. If the thrush is caused as a reaction of some other medicines you have been taking such as steroids or antibiotics, the doctor may adjust the dosage of those drugs.

In case of patients who have other health problems, the general physician advises you to visit the specialist before giving any further treatment for thrush. This is in case of patients who are going through chemotherapy as cancer treatment, or those who have been taking steroids as a treatment for some sort of rheumatic diseases. In these cases the specialist may prescribe drugs such as: itraconazole or amphotericin; which are for severe cases of oral thrush. it is not necessary that it occurs as a reaction to some other medicine, oral thrush may also occur in patients who are really week. Patients who lack folic acid or vitaminB12, or are anemic may also get oral thrush. In these cases the mouth may become sore and the patient has difficulty in eating and swallowing. As your diet gets poor, naturally you get weaker and have lesser ability to fight the disease. Doctors often prescribe folic acid supplements and multivitamins to these patients as part of the treatment for thrush.

Oral thrush is not just restricted to adults; it is interesting to note that even babies and toddlers can get oral thrush. It is usually a temporary situation and may go away on its own. There is no specific treatment for thrush given to babies. However, your doctor may advice you sterilize all your baby’s bottles, feeding utensils and mouth toys well. 

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