The natural treatment of Vaginal Thrush

Vaginal thrush is a very common infection that is caught by more than half of the women’s population. This infection caused by the candida albicano or yeast. These bacteria lives on the body and in normal conditions they are not harmful. They are kept in control by the white cells and other friendly bacteria. But when any illness or any medicine weakens the immune system and kills the good bacteria the candida starts growing. They grow well and multiply themselves faster in moist parts of the body like guts, armpits and inside or on the genital areas.

The symptoms of vaginal thrush include vaginal itching, pain during sexual intercourse, pain during urination, a thick odorless vaginal discharge, burning sensation and inflammation of the vagina and the vulva. The women suffering from vaginal thrush experience some or all of these symptoms.

Vaginal thrush can be cured very easily by natural treatment. The natural way of treatment provides a whole plan to cure this disease and prevent it from occurring again. The plan has three parts:  first, a diet plan, second, remedies to cure this condition and third, preventive measures.

The first part of the plan focuses on the foods and drinks that we consume. You should avoid foods that can make the symptoms even worse. These harmful foods are alcohol, caffeinated beverages like teas, coffee and other soft and carbonated drinks, junk food, sugary food and oily food. You must eat fresh fruits and vegetables that help to boost your immune system. A well-balanced diet that contains natural yogurt is the best diet that not only helps to alleviate the symptoms of vaginal thrush, but also helps your body to stop it from recurring.

The second part of the treatment plan is ‘the remedies’. Lemon grass, tabebuia impetiginosa and calendula officinalis are used to cure this infection. Tea tree oil and apple cider vinegar is used for the treatment of this condition. Unsweetened, unflavored, plain and natural yogurt is another wonderful natural remedy. Lactobacillus acidophilus are good bacteria that are found in yogurt. These bacteria are already present in our body and help fight off and control the candida bacteria. The simplest way to use the yogurt is to apply it directly to infected area. Repeat this procedure daily until you get rid of this infection completely.

Third part of the plan is ‘the preventive measures’. The preventive measures include a change in lifestyle. You should avoid smoking. Start wearing loose fitted clothes because tight clothes can cause unwanted moisture that helps bacteria to grow. Avoid tight jeans and thong, etc. and always use cotton underwear. You should avoid douching and using perfumed feminine products like wipes and sprays. Most importantly try your level best to manage stress because it is one of the biggest factors that weaken the immune system. Cut down any antibiotics and switch to the natural ways of curing bacterial diseases.

This natural treatment plan can help completely eradicate this infection and stop it from recurring and will improve your over-all health too. >>> vaginal thrush remedy


Vaginal thrush symptoms

Vaginal thrush is one of the most common infections in women. Above 75 percent of women suffer from this infection. It is caused by bacteria known as candida albicans or yeast. These bacteria are not harmful when kept in check by the other good bacteria and antibodies produced by the immune system, but when the body does not produce enough numbers of these soldiers or any medication or medical condition kills the friendly bacteria and weakens the body, these bacteria invade different bodyparts like guts and genitals areas, etc. These bacteria are the reasons of oral thrush too.

Vaginal thrush is a painful condition. The victims of candida may experience some or all of the symptoms.  Itching and burning is one of the most common and prominent vaginal thrush symtoms. In the early stages a rash develops close to the vagina opening. This rash is bumpy and raised. This is not so annoying at the beginning that is why women do not think about it that much. But when nothing is done to get rid of this rash it starts getting worse and spread over the whole genital area covering the labia and lips of vagina. At this stage, women experience severe pain while urinating and during sexual intercourse. Vaginal discharge is another one of the common vaginal thrush symptoms. This discharge is thick in consistency and sometimes has a foul smell. When the quantity raised to an annoying level woman starts using sanitary pads, but in most of the cases it worsens the symptoms and cause more rashes. In the most severe cases, lesions, sores and blisters start forming in the area where rash was developed. These sores, lesion and blisters are very painful and they even bleed.

There are many causes of vaginal thrush like weak immune system, intake of antibiotics, pregnancy, diabetes, cancer and HIV aids, etc.

Weakened immune system is the biggest cause of this infection. If your immune system is strong and you caught this infection the treatment would be easier, but for people with weak immune system the vaginal thrush symptoms are worse and they keep on getting the worst and the treatment is not easy. HIV aids and cancer causes weakness in immune system and the therapies like chemotherapy and radiation kills both the bad and the good bacteria thus, the chances of getting this infection are higher in these patients.  Antibiotics kill some friendly bacteria too causing a growth in the number of candida bacteria. If you want to alleviate the vaginal thrush symptoms faster you should cut down the antibiotics intake and try natural home remedies or other herbal treatments. Another cause of the vaginal thrush is pregnancy. Pregnancy cause changes in levels of hormones increasing the chances of vaginal thrush and its recurrence. Diabetes causes the blood sugar levels to increase to an extent that it causes harm to the body. Increased sugar levels facilitate the growth of candida and thus the infection gets worse. You should keep your sugar level in control by adopting a healthy lifestyle, eating good and healthy food and taking proper medication.

By adopting a good healthy and active lifestyle, wearing loose fitted comfy clothes and avoiding bad habits like smoking you can decrease the chances of getting this infection.

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