Yeast infection causes

Some common Yeast infection causes?

More than a quarter of the women’s population suffers from yeast infection. Yeast infection, as the name indicates, caused by yeast scientifically called Candida. Candida normally present on our bodies especially in mouth, intestines and genital areas. Actually, it is not the Candida that cause yeast infection-it is the ‘over production’ of this bacteria that is responsible for the infection. In normal circumstances the good bacteria are in charge and make the yeast to benefit our body, i.e. to produce vitamin like vitamin B Complex. But when this balance gets disturbed, the Candida takes over and causes the yeast infection.

The symptoms at the start are not so painful; but when the infection progresses by the time, the condition of the infected area starts getting worse and cause pain and trouble. At the start only a mild and quite negligible itching and burning sensation is felt in the genital area. Later, rashes appear and after that blisters sores and lesions develop in the place of rashes. Some of the common yeast infection causes are discussed here.

Wearing tight fitting clothes is one the very common yeast infection causes. The bacteria responsible for this infection reproduce themselves in moist and warm places, and tight fitting clothes; especially tight clothing made from fabrics other than cotton, provide them such a place for bacteria to multiply themselves easily. That is why it is recommended for women to wear loose fitting clothes and use cotton underwear. They should avoid wearing thongs, tight jeans and pantyhose. Using Douche products is one of the yeast infection causes. These products are not necessary and you do not have to use such products because nature has its own mechanism for taking care of the health of all your body parts. You should avoid perfumed or dyed toilet papers and other perfumed products, because the chemicals present in these products can disturb the balance between the good and the bad bacteria on the body causing yeast infections.

Condoms with lubricants that contain nonoxynol-9 can cause yeast infections. Women allergic to latex can also catch this infection. Some medications alleviate the symptoms and cause infections like birth control pills and antibiotics. Antibiotics kill good bacteria too that is why they are also one of the yeast infection causes. It is better to use natural remedies, instead of antibiotics for the cure of allergies and bacterial infections.

Menopause and pregnancy can also cause yeast infection because during these times the hormonal balance of the body gets disturbed. Some illnesses that weaken the immune system of the body cause yeast infection to develop for example: cancer and HIV AIDS. Increased sugar levels in blood provide an ideal environment for the candida to grow. Diabetic patients are more likely to get a yeast infection. You should control your blood sugar levels by taking insulin and eating the foods that are recommended.

Now when you know the yeast infection causes you should take all the prevent measures to stop this infection from occurring, and if you are already suffering from this condition you should treat it before it gets worse.


What causes yeast infections

Many of you might be wondering what causes yeast infections in women and newborns. It is mostly transferred from the mothers to their babies and causes oral infections that can be treated easily. Yeast infection is a most common infection among the women’s population. Most of the women all over the world encounter this medical problem at least once in their lifetimes. So, many of the women ask, “What causes yeast infections?”  In this article some of the causes of yeast infection are being discussed.

In early stages, this infection is not so much problematic, but with the passage of time this infection gets worse. In the start-up only slight burning sensation and itching occur in the infected area. After this stage, the symptoms get worse and some bumpy rashes appear on the skin. This rash is very annoying and cause irritation and extreme itching and pain; while urinating and during the sexual intercourse. Women with this condition experience thick white vaginal discharge. So, what causes yeast infections? The main culprit that causes this painful condition is member of yeast family the candida. These bacteria are present all over our body in normal conditions too. In skin, in the intestines, in the genital organs and especially in all the areas which are damp and warm, but the good bacteria in our body keep these bacteria in check and force these bacteria to produce vitamins like vitamins B complex.

 When the balance between good and bad bacteria gets disturbed due to any reason; the candida become active and multiply themselves faster, spread over the body and cause infection. That is why the most ideal place for these bacteria to develop and dwell with freedom is genital organs and mouth. So, what causes candida to grow- what causes yeast infections? There are a number of causes behind their fermentation. The biggest cause of yeast infection is weak immune system. A person with poor health and hygiene would have a weak immune system. Thus, for such a person, chances to get any yeast infection would be higher than a person with a strong immunes system.

Many medical conditions like cancer and HIV aids; and their treatment methodologies like chemotherapy and radiation can cause yeast infection. Different medication like antibiotics, which kills bacteria, also destroys friendly bacteria too. This disturbs the natural balance of the good bacteria and candida. Candida takes charge and itching, burning sensation, vaginal discharge, rash, sores, blister, and lesions. Pregnant and menopausal women are more likely to suffer from this infection because both these conditions cause a hormonal imbalance which causes these bacteria to grow.  Uncontrolled diabetes is also another reason of yeast infection. Increased blood sugar levels provide support for these bacteria to grow.

There are some daily practices or habits also that cause this infection. These practices include: wearing tight fitted clothes, using underwear made of synthetic material, stress and poor hygiene. Women should avoid all the above mention habits or practices. They should take care of their health, eat healthy, wear loose fitting clothes, wear cotton underwear and avoid stress.

Now when you know what causes yeast infections you can keep in check all the causes and can prevent and treat the infection easily.

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