Yeast infection home remedies

The famous Yeast infection home remedies

Yeast infection is caused by Candida albicans; funguses that are normally present on our bodies and are not harmful, in fact, necessary for us. But when the number of the friendly bacteria that keep Candida albican in check reduces; the opportunist candida start to grow and take over the charge causing infection. Luckily, there are some very effective yeast infection home remedies that can cure this infection and you do not have to visit hospital for the treatment of this painful and embarrassing condition. The best yeast infection home remedies include the use of plain yogurt, tea tree oil, garlic, coconut oil, cinnamon oil and vinegar. These remedies are very helpful and alleviate yeast infection symptoms very quickly.

Yogurt is one of the best yeast infection home remedies. It contains bacteria that are present in our body and helps in keeping in check the number, and activities of Candida albicans. The method to use yogurt to cure the yeast infection is very easy. Take plain, unsweetened, and unflavored natural yogurt in a very small quantity and apply it over the infected area. You can also take a tampon and dip in the plain natural yogurt and insert in the vagina. Repeat it two times daily until the infection is fully eradicated. It is the most common and famous home remedy used by most of the women to cure yeast infection. It is better to study the symptoms and causes of yeast infection before using yogurt for the treatment of this infection because yogurt can be harmful for some bacterial infection symptoms.

If you are sure that you have the yeast infection, than yogurt is no doubt the best home remedy for you. One of the major differences between any bacterial and vaginal yeast infection is the odor of the vaginal discharge that is a symptom of vaginal infections. If the discharge is foul-smelling it means the infection is caused by some bacteria and thus, you should avoid yogurt. If the discharge does not emit any smell it means it is due to the yeast infection.

Some oils are also used as yeast infection home remedies. Tea tree oil is one of such good oils. Tea tree oil has anti-fungal properties and can cure male yeast infections too. You should not use undiluted tea tree oil because when undiluted; it can cause inflammation. Sweet almond oil or olive oil can be used to dilute tea tree oil. All you have to do is:  take a few drops of this diluted tea tree oil and use it to gently massage the infected skin or pour it on a tampon and insert in the vagina. You should do this twice a day until the infection is completely cured. Coconut oil and cinnamon oil are beneficial for both men and women. Applied three to four times daily in the infected skin, it can provide a quick relief from the itching, irritation and inflammation. These oils also have anti-fungal properties like tea tree oil and help kill the yeast.

Yeast infection home remedy

Searching for the best yeast infection home remedy?

An increased and abnormal population of fungus called Candida albicans is the main troublemaker that cause the yeast infection. Candida albicans, is normally present in our  body and lives in the digestive system, guts and in and outside the genital organs. They are kept in check by good bacteria; who act as in charge and force candida albicans to benefit the body and produce vitamins. The friendly bacteria and white cells also act as soldiers that stop the abnormal growth of yeast in the body. When the number of good bacteria goes down and the immune system weakens, the yeasts start growing and multiplying in huge quantities and cause infection. There are a number of natural remedies that have been used to cure yeast infection in men and women. In this article, we will assist you in finding the best yeast infection home remedy for you.

Yogurt is considered the most famous and effective yeast infection home remedy. It helps in alleviating the symptoms and getting rid of the infection. It is a natural solution to the problem of recurring yeast infection and works for both men and women. You cannot use just any type of yogurt to get rid of yeast infection. The yogurt must be made from natural milk. There should not be any additives in this yogurt. You must use unsweetened yogurt without any artificial flavors. There are two ways in which you can use this wonderful yeast infection remedy.

First, you can just apply it on the infected area and leave for a few hours. Second, you can dip a tampon in yogurt and then insert it in the vagina. You should use both or any one of the methods at least two times a day. For better results you can apply the yogurt or use the tampon dipped in yogurt and leave it overnight. You should also include yogurt in your daily meals. It provides you calcium and very important enzymes. Yogurt has active good bacteria that are also present in our bodies. Applying yogurt and eating it balances the number of bacteria needed for healthy and normal body systems.

Another marvelous yeast infection home remedy is the use of oils like tea tree oil, coconut oil and cinnamon oil. These oils are beneficial for both men and women. All these oils have anti-fungal properties. That is why they are the best to get rid of any annoying fungus causing infections. The method to use the tea tree oil is the same as we use the plain yogurt for this purpose; but before using it you need to dilute it by mixing olive oil or almond oil in it. It should not be used without diluting it; otherwise it can cause inflammation. Coconut oil and cinnamon oil are applied on the infected area twice or thrice a day.

This article is all about the very effective and beneficial home remedies for yeast infection. If you are not allergic to yogurt, tea tree oil, coconut oil, cinnamon oil, most of the products mentioned are easily available. Now it is up to you to decide which is the best yeast infection home remedy for you.

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