Yeast infection in men

Does it hurt?

Firstly, I want to clear this misconception that yeast infection is not a sexually transmitted disease because, it not necessary that if you have it, or partner will too. Yeast infection in men is rare but that does not mean that it doesn’t occur. If you are aware of its causes, then you might know that excessive use of antibiotics can result in this infection. Why? It is because these antibiotics decrease the amount of beneficial bacteria in our body. And while I’m on that trail, I’ll tell you that there are 700 trillion bacteria in our gut. So while we are killing those harmful bacteria through the use of antibiotics, we kill the good ones as well. Since there are no bacteria to fight off the yeast, they are encouraged to grow. Another cause is sharing dirty hypodermic needle. This directly or indirectly results in yeast infection in men.

Now returning back to the other causes, sugar is something fungi like yeast love to feed on, so those having abnormally high glucose intake in their diet have this infection to worry about. Yeast infection in men is also divided into categories according to its frequencies. This infection is more frequently found in certain categories which include newborns and those having a weak immune system.

There are more than twenty species of Candida, the fungus responsible for this infection. These fungi usually live on our body’s surface. Normally, they are not infectious but when there is an abnormal increase in their number; it can cause many infections. Sometimes, even cuts in the skin allow them to penetrate deep inside and upset the balance of our body. These fungi usually breed highly in moist places, like the underarms, crotch, and etcetera. It is very important for you to know that while conventional methods of treatment of yeast infection in men and other categories might not be given much preference in this modernized world of ours, these methods are the only ones without any side effects. All the creams prescribed have their side effects.

Systemic yeast infection is very rarely seen in our body. It occurs when the infection spreads throughout our body. In this case, 75 percent of the affected die. This category includes men in a greater proportion. If these diseases are promptly and properly treated, they reap such results that the patient never has it again. But there are some cases in which it does. When that happens, it gives an indication of an even severe disease like leukemia, diabetes and Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS).

Some very common manifestations of yeast infection in men could be difficulty in urinating, jock itches, redness throughout the body, blisters, and memory problems and may such symptoms which will make you turn to the doctor because such symptoms cannot be overlooked even by ignorant person. Apart from the common thrush or oral yeast infection, there is a natural yeast infection whose main symptom is sexual dysfunction. Once this happens, even you and I will not be able to avoid it. All types of yeast infections hurt so it’s better to get proper treatment so that it doesn’t appear again.

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Male yeast infection

Is there any such thing as male yeast infection?

Many of you would be saying things like ‘What is this?’ ‘Aren’t females the only ones suffering from yeast infection?’, etcetera. So this topic might have surprised you enough to make you read more. Yes, even males get affected by this infection. But male yeast infection is not very different from the one that females suffer from. The foremost reason is unprotected sexual transmission. If your partner is actively infected by this disease, then there are 100 percent chances of the transmission. Likewise, prolonged use of antibiotics can also result in male yeast infection. As you all know, sugar is something which yeast really likes to feed on. Since diabetics have abnormally high blood glucose levels, male yeast infection is very common in diabetic men. Therefore, you might not be surprised to know that this would make you crave for sweet things. Those things which yeast feed on will tend to become an essential part of your diet. By now, I have just told you some causes of the penile yeast infection. The anal yeast infection is spread by excessive use of condom containing nonoxynol.

Male yeast infection makes you itch quite badly so that is the perfect indication of your infection, especially if it is the penis that you are itching on. Sometimes, the head of the penis turns red and blisters thoroughly cover it. Even men can get discharge during this condition. In some cases, you might suffer from constipation and foul breath. At times, you would feel intestinal gases build up, frequent diarrhea and fatigue. You might wear out even with the slightest work and feel like bloated. According to the latest research, the symptoms of male yeast infection are quite similar to that of genital herpes. This means that it is not feasible for the infected ones to decide on the infections they are suffering from. Under such circumstances, the best option would be to visit a doctor. It might be surprising to know that at times, males yeast infection can also be the symptom of another severe illness like balanitis. Balanitis is an inflammation of the skin which can turn very painful if not treated promptly. Usually, a bacterium is used to fight against the yeast but at times; yeast overpowers the bacteria present in the intestine. This is very damaging for our vital organ of the body.

Male yeast infection is not very common nowadays and even those affected have more chances of oral infection rather than the penile one. This usually occurs in people who are immune compromised. This oral yeast infection is also known as thrush. It usually occurs in the mouth region, spread by the yeast Candida albicans. It doesn’t always have dire results and is present in the oral cavities of half of the world’s population. White-colored spots appear on the mouth when a person gets affected by thrush. Usually newborn babies and diabetics are at special risk from this disease. People suffering from malnutrition and drug users are more prone to developing an illness. Prevention from these infections is better is than treatment which is again, very painful.  

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